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Julie Scrumptious provides a totally unique cookery experience with a range of lessons and services

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Private Cookery Lessons

3 Hour Private Cookery Lesson at Mine or Yours
  • £75 for 1 Person
  • £140 for 2 Persons
  • £200 for 3 Persons
  • £250 for 4 Persons

Private Dinner Party Catering

Prices are bespoke, as every dinner party is different and will depend on the chosen menu and the services requested. Please contact me for details.

Children's cookery parties

£20.00 per child

This includes all utensils, equipment and all ingredients. (Beautifuly embroidered aprons availanle for each child at an additional cost of £7.00 each).

Minimum booking of 6 children

Information Menu
  •  Ingredients are inclued, additional costs may apply for certain recipes.
  •  Extra charge can be added for the purchase of ingredients, if requested.

Want Some Great Recipes?

I have put together some fantastic recipes and there's something for everyone. Please get in touch below and get access to the eBook.